Q&A Chase Dobler returns to Missouri State

SPRINGFIELD, MO –Chase Dobler is expected to return to Missouri State and resume his collegiate hockey career this fall after spending the last two seasons playing hockey in Switzerland for EHC Saastal.

The former Ice Bear recently sat down with us and answered some questions about his experience playing in Europe and the upcoming season where he will once again wear maroon and white for Missouri State. Below is the Q & A:

Q. Chase, tell our readers where you played last year and where you are from.

A. I played for EHC SAASTAL in Switzerland. I am from Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

Q. What role did you play with EHC Saastal?

A. I was a 3rd line centre on my team last season. I was the face off go to guy and I killed penalties and blocked shots

Q. Why was the 16-17 season the right time to come back to Missouri State?

A. It’s the right time to come back to MSU because I need to improve my stock as a dependable, two way centre. It’s a personal choice and I believe it’s the right choice because MSU has such a great hockey program.

Q. What did you miss the most about MSU?

A. I missed the culture and the campus and the atmosphere. I miss the crowd and playing for 1000’s of people. I miss the rush of scoring goals at the university level and just having the fans go crazy. I miss the family I had at MSU. Ever since the day I walked on campus everyone welcomed me with open arms and treated me like family.

Q. What did you learn playing hockey for EHC Saastal that will help the Bears?

A. Playing in Switzerland taught me how key mental preparation is and how hard I have to work every day to win and be at the top of my game every day. Bringing this back to MSU will create a culture that can help the team be a national championship contender. Showing guys what it takes to get to that next level and be mentally prepared in every situation. It also taught me how to lead and be someone my team mates can depend on. I will bring dependability and show my team mates what it means to be dependable and how important that is to win.

Q. What will you be studying while you are back in Springfield?

A. I will be returning to my previous major which is socio political communication and I am working towards an accelerated master’s degree in communication as well.

Q. What are you most excited about the in the up-coming 2016-2017 season?

A. I’m excited to get back to MSU and be a part of the culture again. That university culture that is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. Switzerland was great and I loved the high level of skill, but nothing compares to the excitement that university campus brings to hockey and how much fun it is.
MSU is such a great hockey program and I firmly believe that we will be a championship contender this upcoming season. Looking down our roster, we are so deep in all areas and I believe if we come together like we did in my freshman year when we made our first national appearance, I firmly believe we can be national champions. I believe in my team mates and my coaching staff and I’ve followed very closely the past two seasons since I left to play in Europe. MSU has put them in such a great situation to be a contender and I am certainly looking forward to coming back into the fold and bring the things to the table that can help us win.

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