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The Missouri State Hockey team skated onto the ice for the first time in September 2001 with the opening of Jordan Valley Ice Park – now called Mediacom Ice Park.  This marked the beginning of collegiate ice hockey at Missouri State University.


Missouri State University offers more than 190 undergraduate and graduate academic programs.  With an enrollment of over 21,000 students, the school is the second-largest university in Missouri.  Through a curriculum and emphasis on all aspects of public affairs, Missouri State is committed to helping students succeed in their own lives and as active citizens.

The Missouri State Hockey Club is an officially recognized University student sports organization. It receives a portion of its budget from the Student Organization Funding Allocation Council (SOFAC) through a competitive application process.

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The Missouri State Hockey teams play all of their home games at the Mediacom Ice Park, which also serves as the Bears- practice facility. The Ice Park is a $7.5 million facility with two NHL-regulation rinks. Each rink features 500 permanent bleacher seats, with an additional 600 temporary bleacher seats and standing room areas on the MIP east rink.

The team has a permanent dressing room and equipment storage room at the Ice Park.  Div. 1 and Div. 3 teams players are provided a locker to store their equipment during the season.

The Ice Park, at 635 E. Trafficway, is five blocks from the heart of campus and within Center City’s Jordan Valley Park.


The Missouri State Ice Hockey Club competes in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA).  The ACHA is an organization of college and university affiliated programs that provides structure, regulates operations, and promotes the quality of collegiate ice hockey.

The ACHA establishes and regulates academic standards, eligibility criteria, and standards of play, and conforms to NCAA Ice Hockey rules.

The ACHA consists of five levels of play -Men’s Divisions I, II and III, and Women’s Division I and II.  Each Division hosts Regional and National Championship Tournaments for the top seeded teams in each respective Division.


The Missouri State Ice Hockey program includes both ACHA D1 and ACHA D3 teams. The formation of a D3 team increases the depth of the hockey program and provides an opportunity for player development before attaining membership on the D1 team.

The Varsity team is an ACHA D1 team that competes in the Western Collegiate Hockey League after acceptance into D1 in 2015. The Varsity team previously played as  an ACHA D2 team in the ACHA Central Region, while the Jr. Varsity team is currently an ACHA D3 team competing in the ACHA Pacific Region. Both teams participate against other collegiate teams in the Midwest in these states:  Ill., Mich., Minn., Wis., Ind., Mo., Iowa, Ark., Miss., Tenn., Okla., Ariz. Col. and Neb.

The D3 team is a member of an ACHA affiliated league – the Mid-America Collegiate Hockey Association (MACHA) – Silver Division, and the top eight (Silver) MACHA teams in each division play in the MACHA Silver Division championship in mid-February.

The D2 Ice Bears team played 13 MACHA League seasons through 2014-15.

In the Ice Bears first two seasons, the team competed at the D3 level. In 2003, the team narrowly missed qualifying for the D3 National Tournament – finishing fourth in the Central Division rankings.

At the start of the 03-04 season, the Ice Bears moved to ACHA D2, competing against teams from the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

During the 2005-2006 season, the D3 team was formed based on a significant level of interest in the hockey program.

It is anticipated, selected players on the D3 team exhibiting the necessary athletic skills to compete at a higher level, may be assigned to the D1 team during the season.

The hockey program continues to build a strong reputation throughout the ACHA and has attained an ACHA D2 National Tournament berth in 2013 and 2014.


The hockey season begins in late August and coincides with the beginning of the fall semester.  Games begin in mid September and continue through early March.

The D1 team generally plays a 32 to 36 game schedule against D1 and D2 ACHA opponents with most games consisting of a two-game series. Home games at the Ice Park are usually played at 7pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

The D3 team generally plays a 28 to 32 game schedule against D 2 and D 3 opponents.

Both teams travel approximately seven to nine times per season to opponents throughout the Midwest, ranging between 3 – 12 hour bus rides from Springfield. Team travel occurs by chartered bus and players stay in a team hotel during each trip.

On a few occasions players are required to miss class on a Friday to permit team travel.  Players are provided with absence letters, but are responsible for any work, including exams missed during team travel.

The D1 team practices three times per week and the D 3 team practices twice per week. In addition to on-ice sessions, players also participate in dry-land conditioning and strength training throughout the season.


Tryouts consist of informational meetings, dry land training, and on-ice evaluations at the beginning of the Fall semester. The D1 and D3 teams rosters are finalized at the end of August.

Each team can carry a maximum of 30 players. Tryout fees, which are separate from the player fee, are $60 per player and assessed at the time of tryouts.


The D 1 and D3 teams both function as one organization. However, each team maintains a separate operating budget to ensure stability of the organization and fairness among each team.

The 17/18 season player fees for D1 players are $2,500. Player fees for D3 are $2,100.There will also be an equipment fee. Player fees are payable in installments during the Fall semester.

Player fees and other team revenues cover the expenses of all practice and game ice time, officials, marketing, team equipment, uniforms, travel and lodging expenses.

Players are responsible for their meals during team travel.

The team provides team track suits, practice jerseys, game jerseys and socks, and maroon pant shell covers.

Each player must supply his own full, legal equipment, including full facemasks, MAROON helmets and MAROON gloves at minimum. Gloves will now be included in the equipment fee.


Student-athletes must abide by the academic requirements established by the University and the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). Student-athletes are required to sign an ACHA player eligibility form at the beginning of each season.

All ACHA student-athletes must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 by the beginning of a student athlete’s second year of eligibility.  In addition, each student must maintain a minimum credit requirement of twelve (12) semester hours (and pass 9 hours) in both the Spring and Fall semesters to be eligible for play.


The Missouri State Hockey program recognizes that it receives many benefits from the community and a part of each player’s experience at Missouri State is to give back to the University and the Springfield community.

The team hosts a variety of game night promotions and participates in a variety of events such as team promotional activities, volunteering at local charities, and assisting with youth hockey and ice-related activities at the Ice Park.


The Missouri State hockey teams use a variety of methods to raise funds to support the program.

Game admission fees are one source of revenue for the program. Team revenue is also generated through sponsored game night promotions and team marketing opportunities. In addition, the teams also produce a season program, game-night program for home games and sells advertisements to offset program costs and generate team revenue.

These and other occasional fundraising, including a fundraising golf tournament, are used to supplement player fees and assist in payment of team expenses.


The Missouri State Hockey teams consist of a player board, faculty advisor, coaching staff, and a 10 person volunteer staff to assist with team management, marketing, advertising, game night events, and other aspects of the team.

The coaching staff consists of a dedicated group of coaches with a variety of playing and coaching experiences, all committed to developing a quality hockey program, both on and off the ice.

The team faculty advisor serves as a resource for the team in navigating university procedures and assisting students in achieving their academic goals.  Our faculty advisor is knowledgeable about the hockey teams and assists the teams in abiding by all university policies and requirements.  

   Brendan McClew        Rhonda Ashlock             Steve Casson                        Paul Durham

       Club President               General Manager             Asst. GM and Media  Dir.     Faculty Advisor


       Jeremy Law                       Jeff Crenshaw                     Ryan Armstrong

      D1 Head Coach                  Asst. Coach – Goalies                       D1 Asst. Coach

                                                 Scouting Coordinator


      Cody Blevins                   BJ Norman               

     D3 Head Coach                  D3 Asst. Coach          


      Gary  Momphard              Lloyd Gibbs                  

     Co-Operations Mgr.        Co-Operations Mgr.      



Springfield is Missouri’s third largest city situated in the beautiful Ozarks region.  The city is a vibrant and active community of 160,000 people with numerous services and activities to meet the needs of its citizens.  Missouri State combines outstanding academics with a friendly campus near the heart of the Springfield community.   The hockey program provides exciting hockey competition to create opportunities for student-athletes.

The University actively recruits and welcomes student-athletes from across the United States and Canada -as well as other nations.  To enhance admissions consideration, interested student-athletes are encouraged to apply to the university as early as possible – six to twelve months in advance of the semester in which you plan to attend.

The coaching staff encourages serious student-athletes to consider what Missouri State has to offer.  Please take the opportunity to visit the campus, meet the coaching staff and determine if Missouri State and the hockey program are right for you.

For additional information, contact:

Missouri State University Hockey Club

Mediacom Ice Park

635 E. Trafficway Springfield MO, 65806

Jeremy Law, Head Coach

(817) 675-1116 (Cell)



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